Evergeek Episode 7 is here!

2014-09-19 01:08:52 by Zero-End

The next big adventure of Wigerpmp2k and Mylilbitch is  HERE!


Almost done!

2014-09-17 21:58:48 by Zero-End

Sorry I don't really talk a whole lot on here; truth be told I'm a big introvert, but I'm trying to get over that. Anyway... Some good-old animation shall be coming out soon!

It's been 8 whole months since I posted Evergeek episode 6, and soon Evergeek 7 shall be released! If all goes to plan I'll have it out this Friday, the 19th. I really kicked it up a notch on this one I think. I also plan to get the next episode out much faster, hopefully before the year ends.




We did it!!!

2014-07-05 22:21:50 by Zero-End

We took down that evil tyrant and theif, David Muir! "The Media Awsome" is dead! Thanks SmuggaJugga, beerbird, Troisnyx, SpikeVallentine, TribesofHalo, NAVeX-Sniper, FearedSoul, BoobMarley, BoredLooney, triforcejen, KhanhCPham, Elias-Z, KhanhCPham, Scienceofdead2811, drackmore, and everyone else for helping me take down that prick! For Newgrounds!


So I stumbled upon this guy David Muir, who started the youtube channel The Media Awsome, and is stealing Newgrounds cartoons; removing the credits; and claiming he made them. I've just reported on him for stealing Evergeek, and thought that others should know.