We did it!!!

2014-07-05 22:21:50 by Zero-End

We took down that evil tyrant and theif, David Muir! "The Media Awsome" is dead! Thanks SmuggaJugga, beerbird, Troisnyx, SpikeVallentine, TribesofHalo, NAVeX-Sniper, FearedSoul, BoobMarley, BoredLooney, triforcejen, KhanhCPham, Elias-Z, KhanhCPham, Scienceofdead2811, drackmore, and everyone else for helping me take down that prick! For Newgrounds!



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2014-07-05 23:32:03

Hooray ! ! !


2014-07-06 10:14:18

Well done, but always be vigilant. As is the case with music thieves, another will come, sooner or later.
Also, I don't know what I even did.....